8 Best Air Fresheners For Cats – Safe Options To Remove Bad Odors & Welcome Good Vibes At Your Home!

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Ever have guests enter your home and say, “What’s that smell?!”

While we may have gotten used to pet odor in our house, people who come from outside can immediately smell the sharp cat smell lingering in the air.

Many times I have experienced that no matter how often you spray, the smell keeps returning when the spray fades.

During an extensive research session on cat odor a while back for my veterinary school, I discovered that a suitable freshener will do the job pretty well! A freshener which not only masks the odor but kills the smell at a molecular level. 

My top pick amongst the best air freshener for cats is Pet Odor, Exterminator Candle. Yes, I love candles, But when I found out about their stellar efficiency at killing smells at a molecular level, I immediately got myself this.

Pet Odor- Exterminator Candle
  • Value For Money, Soothing Scented Candle
  • Mild, Sweet Aroma Instead of Lingering Pet Smells
  • Available In Many Different Scent Options


You’ll love it for its effectiveness. These candles are not only nice-smelling, but they can also add to the interior décor as they come in adorable small jars. These candles are top-rated by many users and come in many lovely smells.

However, if you are not a fan of candles, I compiled quite a few best air fresheners for cats for various spaces, forms, and scents. These have since worked for me and will definitely help you too!

This Article Will Explain & Discuss:

  • Features To Look For When Choosing Cat Safe Air Fresheners
  • Detailed Reviews On 8 Best Air Fresheners For Cats
  • Ingredients In Cat Safe Air Fresheners
  • FAQs Regarding Air Fresheners
  • Tips To Get Rid Of Cat Smell

Our Quick Comparison On The Best Air Fresheners for Cats

ImageProductFeaturesShop On
Pet Odor- Exterminator Candle

Pet Odor- Exterminator Candle

  • Long lasting Candle
  • Leaves Mild Fragrance 
  • Enzyme Formulated
Moso Natural- Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal

Moso Natural- Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal

  • Long-lasting 
  • Unscented
  • Covers 300 Square Feet
Zero Odor- Pet Odor Eliminator

Zero Odor- Pet Odor Eliminator

  • Non-toxic 
  • Mild Fragrance
  • Non-Allergenic
Pet Odor Exterminator - Air Freshener

Pet Odor Exterminator - Air Freshener

  •  Easy To Use
  • Long-Lasting
  • Quickly Deodorizes
Thornell- Kennel Odor Eliminator

Thornell- Kennel Odor Eliminator

  • Non-Enzymatic Formula
  • Non-Toxic
  • Easy To Use
NaturVet - Yard Odor Eliminator

NaturVet - Yard Odor Eliminator

  • Multi-Purpose
  • Immediate Action
  • Mild Fragrance


Fresh Step- Litter Deodorizing Crystals

Fresh Step- Litter Deodorizing Crystals

  • Summer-Breeze
  • Non-Toxic
  • Activates With Movement 
Angry Orange- Odor Eliminator, Concentrate

Angry Orange- Odor Eliminator, Concentrate

  • Affordable
  • Citrus Scent
  • Concentrated

What Air Fresheners Are Safe For My Cat?

Having a good cat safe air freshener on hand is the most effective method to rid your home of the cat smell. But you need to think about a few key factors to ensure that the air freshener you purchase is safe for cats.

Safe Ingredients

Look for natural ingredients and a non-toxic label on an air freshener to ensure that it is safe for your cat to be around.

Even if you use air fresheners made with natural ingredients, cats may still be affected by some natural odors. Such as those from essential oils toxic to cats, including oil of cinnamon, citrus, pine, etc. Your safest choice will be to use air fresheners that are specially designed for cats.

Safe Placement

Despite the fact that the air freshener you choose may be suitable for cats, it’s crucial to think about where you’ll be keeping it.

Make sure your cat can’t get to it by keeping it out of reach. Ingesting air fresheners can be toxic. Whereas some of them are also flammable so they can be dangerous for cats.

If your cat is a real menace, Moso Natural, Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal can be kept at higher spaces or even hung somewhere.

Cats Love The Smell

Your cat’s preference will be most important as the smell should not be something that the cat is uncomfortable with.

Select a scent that will be pleasing to both of you. Fragrance-free air fresheners are preferable if cats are prone to allergies or are sensitive to certain smells.

However, if your cat has urinated somewhere, then a citrus option such as Angry Orange, Odor Eliminator, Concentrate will work. As cats don’t like citrus smells, they will avoid making a mess in the same place again.

It Neutralizes Odor

The ideal cat air freshener will be safe, enjoyable, and neutralize odors rather than simply cover them.

Some air fresheners simply hide odors with their stronger scents. Whereas those that neutralize odors directly affect the molecules that cause the odor and either break them down or bind to them.

Try Zero Odor, Pet Odor Eliminator Spray for neutralization of bad smells without any additional scents. 

5 Best Tips To Get Rid Of Your Cat Smell

It can be easier to live in and welcome guests into your house if you know what contributes to lingering cat odor and how to eliminate it. Here are some tips to get rid of cat smells from your home.

1. Use A Good Air Freshener 

If you wish to eliminate cat odor, Use a good air freshener with natural components and a non-toxic label. 

If your cat has a history of allergies or is sensitive to certain odors, you should choose fragrance-free air fresheners.

2. Maintain a Clean Litter Box

Maintaining a clean litter box is crucial for the health and happiness of your cat. 

To keep the litter box clean, it’s important to scoop out soiled litter on a daily basis, and completely replace the litter every two to four weeks. Remember to use cat-friendly cleaning products and avoid harsh chemicals that may irritate your cat’s paws or respiratory system.

3. Use Multiple Litter Trays!!

By having more than one litter box tray in different locations around your home, you spread out the waste and reduce the concentration of the odor in one area. 

This not only makes the overall smell less noticeable, but also makes it easier for you to keep the litter trays clean and fresh. So, if you want a more pleasant living environment for both you and your feline friends, consider investing in multiple litter trays.

4. Change Litter Regularly or Use Self-Cleaning Litter Box 

To keep your house smelling fresh and clean, it’s important to either change your cat’s litter regularly or invest in a self-cleaning litter box. 

Traditional litter boxes can quickly become smelly, especially when not cleaned often enough, making it an unpleasant task for cat owners. The main advantage of self-cleaning litter boxes is that they eliminate the need for daily scooping and cleaning. By switching to a self-cleaning litter box or keeping a routine of scooping and changing the litter, you can drastically reduce the unpleasant odor that comes with cat ownership. 

5. Keep Your Cat Well-Groomed

Although cats are naturally clean creatures who groom themselves frequently, you should also regularly brush them and clean their teeth. 

They will smell less after doing this. In addition, it might inspire them to take better care of themselves. Although the scent of the litter box won’t be improved, your home’s general odor will.

Our Detailed Reviews On The Best Air Fresheners for Cats

These are some of the best cat safe air fresheners I have come across for my home and clinic have various benefits and features. 

1. Pet Odor, Exterminator Candle 

Top Pick
  • Scent: Mulberry & Spice, Clothesline Fresh, Apple, Jasmine, Vanilla, Hippie Love, Green Apple, Peony Leaf, Oak, Floral, Woodsy, Black Currant, Pomegranate & Sugarcane, Pumpkin & Spice, Sugar Skull, Spice
  • Form: Candle

Why Is It The Best Air Freshener For Cats?

The Pet Odor Exterminator Candle takes the top spot in our list as it fills my home with soothing fragrance rather than lingering pet odors. Additionally, other than just masking cat odors, it attacks and destroys them using powerful enzymes. This makes it the best air freshener for cats in my experience, based on its success in preventing offensive odors. 

There are several scents available for this candle, but its two most popular scents are Lavender & Chamomile and Mulberry & Spice. Chamomile is combined with the calming lavender scent to promote calmness, relaxation, and stress reduction. innovative spray stimulate and relax the brain, respiratory, and digestive systems.

This long-lasting candle comes in a 13 oz jar and can keep your house free of unwanted pet odors for an estimated 70 hours of burn time.

  • Removes Unwanted Pet Odor
  • Mild Sweet-Smelling Aroma
  • Burn Time Of 70 Hours
  • Fire Hazard Near Walls

2. Moso Natural, Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal

Best Air Purifying Bag
  • Scent: Unscented
  • Form: Bamboo Charcoal Bag

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

No matter how many pets you have, the eco-friendly and effective Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag will keep your house smelling fresh. This air purifier is small but powerful. It works continually to eliminate odors, allergies, and hazardous pollutants from your house. 

It is made with 100% all-natural and sustainably sourced materials, including ultra-absorbent bamboo charcoal and an outer bag made of raw linen. A friend of mine who had been using this Moso bag for two years with regular maintenance recommended it to me and I have been using it at the clinic ever since.

Being a non-toxic substitute for air fresheners, it is safe to use around your cat companions. It removes excess moisture from any area, reducing the growth of mold and mildew in your home. It is ideal for use in corridors, basements, and bedrooms to get rid of cat odor. Thanks to its new freestanding design, you can hang or set it in any confined area.

  • Hanging Design
  • Unscented
  • Longevity
  •  Hard To Remove Strong Smells

3. Zero Odor, Pet Odor Eliminator

Best Odor Eliminator
  • Scent: No scent
  • Form: Spray

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

Zero Odor is a real pet odor eliminator, not an air freshener or enzyme. Its unique formula creates an irreversible connection with odor molecules that is powerful enough to eliminate skunk odor.

It is safe for both you and your cat as it has no odor, is non-toxic, and degrades naturally. It is directly sprayed onto surfaces. This unique freshener penetrates clothes to lift and eliminate organic cat stains while simultaneously getting rid of the odor’s cause.

It permanently removes cat odors from carpets, furniture, cars, and cat beds. It contains a short-lived “tracer smell” that lets users know where they have sprayed and quickly evaporates. There are more than 400 spray puffs in one bottle.

  • Single Spray Design
  • Mild Fragrance
  • Easy To Use
  • Temporary Bleach Smell 

4. Pet Odor Exterminator, Air Freshener

Best Enzyme Formulated
  • Scent: Fall N Leaves, Happy Daze, Mulberry & Spice, Nag Champa, Orange Lemon Splash, Patchouli Amber, Pumpkin Spice
  • Form: Spray

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

Instead of a distinct pet smell, the Pet Odor Exterminator Air Freshener fills your house with the scent of a tropical getaway.

Rather than simply covering up undesirable cat odors, this innovative spray uses powerful enzymes to attack and destroy them at a molecular level. A few puffs in pet areas inside your home will emit a mouthwatering combination of juicy pineapple and creamy coconut that will take you to a tropical paradise.

When quick covering of a room is required, this spray’s aroma lasts for hours and quickly begins to deodorize. The enzymes continue to function long after the fragrance has faded, in addition to adding a pleasant scent to the environment.

For a more extensive scent, you might want to spray it into a vent that circulates air. It comes in 7 oz. large spray bottle with a selection of seven scents.

  • Removes Urine Odor
  • Multi-Surface Use
  • Easy To Use 
  • Shorter Scent Duration

5. Thornell, Kennel Odor Eliminator

Best Concentrated
  • Scent: Fresh Scent
  • Form: Liquid

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

It will be simple to eliminate unpleasant cat odors and replace them with a soothing, refreshing scent using Thornell’s K.O.E. Kennel Fresh Scent. It is quite simple to use. It can be diluted with water or a cleaning solution as needed. 

You may quickly and completely eliminate cat odors with just one application to a surface, saving you both time and money. This is used to mop the floors at my clinic every day after visiting times are over. This odor remover for homes, clinics, groomers, and kennels penetrates to the source of the stink. In contrast to conventional odor neutralizer sprays and concentrates, which only handle surface issues.

This eliminator uses a special non-enzymatic formula that works no matter what application you have used in the past.

There is no need to be concerned, cats and kids can safely be present in places cleaned with K.O.E. cat urine odor eliminator right away. These odor-eliminating kennel and house treatments are non-toxic, non-allergenic, and biodegradable, and can be used on any surface.

  • Prevents Re-Soiling
  • Pleasant Smell
  • Greater Amounts To Eliminate Pungent Odors

6. NaturVet, Yard Odor Eliminator

Best for Outdoor Urine Odor
  • Scent: No scent
  • Form: Liquid

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

The NaturVet Yard Odor Eliminator is designed to tackle pet odor in your yard. This odor eliminator can be sprayed on any outdoor surface to swiftly get rid of odors like cat feces and urine. It begins working right away, and the pleasant citronella perfume will keep mosquitoes away while keeping your yard looking nice. 

This multipurpose cleaner works wonders on grass, plants, bushes, patios, patio furniture, kennels, dog runs, swing sets, fences, block walls, or any other surface where pet odors develop.

You can fill the ready-to-use bottle with fresh liquid to quickly and simply remove odors from outdoor surfaces like dog runs, grass, planting boxes, patios, tree trunks, fences, and rocks. The bottle attaches to a garden hose and can be readily refilled.

  • Removes Urine Odor
  • Does Not Blotch
  • Mild Fragrance
  • A Bit Expensive

7. Fresh Step, Litter Deodorizing Crystals

Best for Litter
  • Scent: Lotus Blossom
  • Form: Crystals

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

The Fresh Step Litter Box Deodorizing Crystals in Lotus blossom are a convenient way to keep your cat’s litter box clean and get rid of odors in your house.

Every time a cat uses the litter box, its scent-enhancing cat litter crystals dissolve into the litter and emit a subtle fragrance that masks odors. It keeps the litter pan and house smelling fresh and clean.

There is no need to worry about exposing your cat to toxins because these crystals are fully safe, non-toxic, and cat-friendly. They won’t produce a mess or a fuss because they dissolve in water over time. Every time the cat uses the litter box, these cat litter crystals are activated, enhancing the freshness of the litter pan.

The calming effects of lotus blossom scent in it relieve tension, stress, and negative behavior. It also cools anger, and brings peace of mind.

  • Strong Odor Control
  • Long-Lasting
  • Dust-Free
  • Cats May Not Like The Texture Of Crystals 

8. Angry Orange, Odor Eliminator, Concentrate 

Best with Natural Oil
  • Scent: Citrus, Orange
  • Form: Oil, Concentrate

Why Is It A Good Air Freshener For Cats?

Odor-eliminating Angry Orange smells like heaven but functions like hell as it is produced with natural oils. If there is a strong cat odor that just won’t go away, use this 8 oz container of odor eliminator to get rid of it. 

In order to prevent odors from returning, the enzymes in this deodorizer effectively break them down to the protein level. You may use this on tile, wood, grass, or wherever else your pet defecates, and it works excellent on carpet for animals with overactive bladders (except leather).

This enzyme cleanser is cat-friendly, and aromatic, and leaves your home feeling citrus fresh! It is 100% natural as it is made from the oils found in orange peels. This solution has twice the odor-fighting power. I use this on surfaces when my stubborn cat pees somewhere, to keep her away from doing it again through the citrus smell.

  • Completely Natural
  • Beautiful Scent
  • Affordable
  • Scent Could Last Longer

Guide To Buying The Best Air Fresheners For Cats 

Cat safe air freshener is the first thing to consider as discussed above. Once you understand it’s safe, you should consider the following factors to choose the best air freshener that suits your and your cat’s needs.

Safe Ingredients 

Additional Quick Tip On Safety: When compared to products with a high concentration of chemicals, air fresheners made with all-natural ingredients typically cause much less harm and irritation. Keep in mind, though, that 100% natural does not always equate to cat-safe. Cats may be harmed by certain substances that are found in nature.

Cost Of Air Freshener

The cost should also be a priority. 

The price of various air fresheners doesn’t vary greatly, but certainly, some are more expensive than others. 

It is crucial to compare the effectiveness of an air freshener and it’s longevity with price so a good-smelling home dosen’t cost you a lot on a regular basis.

Odor Eliminating Power 

Instead of just masking bad odors with a stronger and better one, you need an air freshener for cat odors that get rid of the stink.

There are two ways that odor-neutralizing air fresheners interact with the chemicals that produce odors. They either degrade them into various odorless compounds and molecules or they attach to them to form a bigger compound that does not react to human smell receptors and so cannot be detected.

Effective & Cat-Friendly Smell

The aroma of the air freshener is significant for both you and your cat. 

Since smell is mostly a matter of personal preference, you may adore some and detest others.

Furthermore, avoid purchasing scents that your cat won’t appreciate. Cats dislike the smell of citrus, which is why it’s frequently used in cat repellent sprays to stop them from scratching furniture, scaling shelves, or urinating inappropriately. 


Long-lasting products are ideal. 

It is crucial to buy them for two reasons. You won’t need to buy new aerosols or sprays as frequently, and it first saves you money. With this stuff, a little goes a long way. Secondly, an air freshener that performs better, lasts longer. 

Purchase a long-lasting spray so that you won’t need to keep reapplying it every few hours.


Instead of being used only in the same area as the litter box, air fresheners that are multipurpose and safe for use throughout the entire house are preferable.

You can use the air freshener if your cat has an accident somewhere else in the house. This is also quite helpful if you have several separate litter trays in various rooms. 

Multiple air fresheners can solve this problem, or you can choose a spray that works everywhere.

FAQs About The Best Air Fresheners For Cats

What Are The Signs Your Cat Doesn’t Like Air Freshener? 

Inhaling perfume might irritate or inflame sensitive cat noses (or any other irritant like air fresheners, etc.), and sneezing, fast blinking or other discomfort-related symptoms may come from this. Leaving the room when the air freshener has been sprayed is also a sign. The cat may also try to get rid of it by scratching, chewing, or throwing it away.

Are Scented Air Fresheners Bad For Cats?

Some air fresheners can include dangerous chemical compounds that can cause respiratory issues in cats, including asthma, making them terrible for felines. Additionally, they may irritate their skin or eyes. However, you may buy cat air fresheners that are safe for pets and created from just all-natural components.

You can try Zero Odor, Pet Odor Eliminator Spray for an unscented option. 

What Smell Do Cats Love The Most?

There are several scents that cats prefer, so if you want some cat-friendly air fresheners, try them. Cats adore the scent of catnip, olives, non-citrus fruit, and plants like honeysuckle, among other things.

How To Deodorize a Cat’s Room? 

For a quick and easy solution use air fresheners in the cat’s room with natural ingredients or those which are specially designed for cats.

If the smell is originating from the cat’s litter then Fresh Step, Litter Deodorizing Crystals can help.

Is Febreze Air Freshener Safe For Cats? 

Yes, You can safely use Febreze in the presence of a cat. Febreze is ASPCA tested and determined that it was ok to use in homes with cats and other pets.

You can try this Febreze Light Odor-Eliminating Air Freshener 

Is Glade Air Freshener Safe For Cats? 

Glade air fresheners are not suitable for use around cats. If they inhale the chemicals in them, they could suffer negative effects. Particularly, cat’s respiratory tracts may become irritated by the aroma chemicals in glade air fresheners.

Do Air Purifiers Help With Cat Smell? 

Yes, an air purifier can aid in eliminating cat odor.

How Do Vets Get Rid Of Cat’s Smell? 

Veterinarians can get rid of cat odor by utilizing natural air freshener ingredients like vinegar, and baking soda, or by using air fresheners made especially for cats such as Pet Odor, Exterminator, Air Freshener.

Where To Place Air Freshener In Room? 

Store air fresheners in a closed box or drawer to prevent your cat from accessing them. Cats love to explore and are excellent at opening doors, especially the ones you do not want to open, so using something with a lock is great. You can also keep them at a height where your cat might not have access to it.

If your cat is a real menace, Moso Natural, Air Purifying Bag, Charcoal can be kept at higher spaces or even hung somewhere. 

Are Gel Air Fresheners Safe For Cats? 

As each of these air fresheners will have a scent, they are not safe for cats. Furthermore, they contain organic volatile substances that might spread in the air and harm cats.

Our Verdict

So now you know how to keep your space smelling fresh, and clean and save yourself from the pet-smell embarrassment.

Be it your office, home, or yard, you can choose the best air freshener for cats that suit your needs just right.Just choose your favorite smell, or even an odorless one if you prefer, and you’re good to go. 

I would definitely choose Pet Odor, Exterminator Candle as my top pick for its mild, sweet smells and good odor-eradication for a long time.

Pet Odor- Exterminator Candle
  • Value For Money, Soothing Scented Candle
  • Mild, Sweet Aroma Instead of Lingering Pet Smells
  • Available In Many Different Scent Options