10 Best Wet Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

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My cat is all eyes on my dining table whenever I eat something. Not being able to resist that cute babyface, I used to end up giving a little something to her from the table. I know many of you are victims of this play as well.

There may also be chances that your cat has developed intolerances. Your best bet? Consider switching to a cat food that might suit your cat’s tummy more.

I have seen countless cases in my clinical practice of wet cat food being more effective than dry cat foods to resolve the issue of sensitive stomachs.

Royal Canin, Selected Protein is my top pick for best wet cat food for sensitive stomach, based on my veterinary clinical wins for most sensitive cats.

Royal Canin - Selected Protein
  • Value For Money Cat Food
  • Limited Ingredient Diet 
  • Easily Digestible
  • Selected Protein

It is an easily digestible, limited-ingredient diet, which causes the least trouble to your cat’s stomach and also gives it the balanced nutrition that it requires. 

Various reasons may be causing a disturbance in your cat’s tummy, so it is not necessary that one food should suit all cats. There are many types of cat foods, serving a variety of purposes, one of which is the best suited for your cat with a sensitive stomach.

This Article Will Explain & Discuss:

  • Detailed Reviews On 10 Sensitive Stomach Cat Foods
  • Symptoms & Reasons of Sensitive Stomach In Cats
  • Ingredients Required & Avoided For Sensitive Stomach
  • FAQs Regarding Sensitive Stomach

Our Quick Comparison On The Best Wet Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

ImageProductFeaturesShop On
Royal Canin - Selected Protein

Royal Canin - Selected Protein

  • Limited Ingredient Diet
  • Veterinary Recommended
  • Boosted With Antioxidants


Best For Vomiting & Hairballs
Hill's Science Diet - Urinary Hairball Control

Hill's Science Diet - Urinary Hairball Control

  • Hairball Formula
  • Urinary Health
  • Mineral Balance


Best For Sensitive Skin & Stomach
Purina Pro Plan Focus - Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Purina Pro Plan Focus - Sensitive Skin & Stomach

  • Real Ingredients
  • Omega Fatty Acids
  • Highly Digestible


Wellness CORE - Grain Free

Wellness CORE - Grain Free

  • Grain-Free
  • High Protein
  • Supports Healthy Weight


Hill's Prescription Diet, i/d - Digestive Care

Hill's Prescription Diet, i/d - Digestive Care

  • Promotes healthy stools
  • Prebiotic Fiber-Rich
  • Veterinarian Recommended


Blue Buffalo Basics - Skin & Stomach Care

Blue Buffalo Basics - Skin & Stomach Care

  • Grain-Free
  • Real Ingredients
  • Promotes Gentle Digestion
Purina Pro Plan - Prime Plus

Purina Pro Plan - Prime Plus

  • Natural Prebiotic Fiber
  • Grain-Free
  • Supports Lean Muscle
Royal Canin - Recovery

Royal Canin - Recovery

  • Exceptional Palatability
  • High Protein Content
  • Supports Muscle Mass
Royal Canin - Gastrointestinal

Royal Canin - Gastrointestinal

  • Chunks In Gravy
  • Healthy Weight Maintenance
  • Combination of Dietary Fibers
Wellness CORE - Signature Selects

Wellness CORE - Signature Selects

  • Animal Protein-Based Meal
  • Grain-Free 
  • Vital Fatty Acids

Our Detailed Reviews On The Best Wet Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

I continue to see the different types of cat stomach sensitivities in my veterinary clinical practice and adoption centers; I have hand-picked these foods based on their effectiveness and listed their key features and benefits for you to make an easy decision for your cat.

1. Royal Canin, Selected Protein

  • First 5 Ingredients: Rabbit, Water Sufficient For Processing, Rabbit Liver, Pea Flour, Vegetable Oil
  • Type of Product: Limited Ingredient Diet, Veterinary Diet
  • Caloric Content: 1007 kcal ME/kg; 146 kcal ME/can
  • Protein Quantity: 9.5% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.7% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 4.5% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 79.4% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Loaf in Sauce
  • Lifestage: Adult

Why Is It The Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Our best recommendation for cats with sensitive stomachs is Royal Canin, Selected Protein. I gave it a try on a rescued cat at the kennel, and it seemed to work and ease her issues.

This cat food is highly digestible and as its name implies, contains selected proteins. The limited ingredient animal protein nature of the food makes the nutrients easily absorbable by your cat’s system. The protein source is rabbit which is highly nutritious. 

It also contains peas which aid in the nutrition required to eliminate sensitivity.  It can be used as a long-term cat diet and also for elimination to figure out what ingredients can be causing intolerances in your cat. Peas and rabbit are also rarely reported to be the reason for intolerances.

It also contains EPA, DHA and fatty acids from natural fish oils which give cats a healthy coat, as the coat seems to deteriorate with stomach issues. It also replenishes the skin barrier to relieve it from itchiness or such problems. 

  • Limited Protein Source For Sensitive Stomachs
  • Good For Elimination Diet
  • Good For Skin And Coat Health
  • Due To The Pandemic, The Company Has Revised The Prices of Some of The Products

2. Hill’s Science Diet, Urinary Hairball Control 

Best For Vomiting & Hairballs
  • First 5 Ingredients: Water, Chicken, Turkey Giblets, Pork By-Products, Pork Liver
  • Type of Product: With Grain
  • Caloric Content: 82 kcal/2.9-oz can
  • Protein Quantity: 7.0% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.5% min (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 3.5% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 78.0% max
  • Food form: Minced Wet Food 
  • Lifestage: Adult

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Hill’s Science Diet presents is good sensitive stomach cat food to eradicate hairball-related stomach issues and for urinary care. The most common symptoms of a sensitive stomach come in the form of hairballs, either causing blockages or vomiting

This food contains magnesium to support the urinary system. It is highly palatable and has been approved by many cats. It is also recommended by many vets, as well as myself.

It also contains taurine which is good for the heart and vision of cats. 

It does not contain any artificial additives or preservatives. Such chemical components may aid the sensitivity of the stomach so it is good to steer clear of them. 

The natural fiber in the food is good for digestion, which provides comfort to a cat with a sensitive stomach. The fiber also reduces hairballs by letting them pass in the feaces naturally. 

  • Good For Hairballs Caused By Sensitive Stomachs
  • Contains Magnesium For Urinary Support
  • No Artificial Additives
  • Might Not Be a Quick Favorite For Cats Who Prefer Chunky Food.

3. Purina Pro Plan, Focus, Sensitive Skin & Stomach

Best For Sensitive Skin & Stomach
  • First 5 Ingredients: Tuna, Meat By-Products, Water, Ocean Whitefish, OatMeal
  • Type of Product: High-Protein, Sensitive Digestion, With Grain
  • Caloric Content: 1,028 kcal/kg, 87 kcal/can
  • Protein Quantity: 10.0% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.5% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 4.0% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 78.0% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Chunks
  • Lifestage: Adult

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Purina Pro plan is a good food switch for such cats who face shedding more than normal due to sensitivities of the stomach. While this food is highly digestible for sensitive tummies, it cures the cat of skin and coat problems as well.

It contains real tuna as its main source of protein. Tuna is a light meat and is not heavy on the stomach. It soothes the stomach while providing the necessary nutrition to keep your cat energetic. 

It is also boosted with extra minerals and vitamins for a complete, balanced diet. The taurine support good heart and vision for your cat. 

It also contains oatmeal which is very healthy for the digestive system and also supports smooth digestion of food. The oatmeal lets the food breaking down process be gentle so that your cat can be comfortable and free of tummy-ache. 

  • Real Tuna As The Main Protein Source
  • Supports Healthy Coat And Smooth Digestion
  • Good For Sensitive Stomach Cats
  • Can Be a Little Hard To Feed Soft Food To Cats Who Prefer a Crunchy Mix


4. Wellness CORE, Grain-Free

Best For Weight Gain
  • First 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Pork Liver, Turkey Broth, Duck, Cranberries
  • Type of Product: High-Protein, Grain-Free, Gluten Free, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Pea-Free, Premium
  • Caloric Content: 1,356 kcal/kg, 212 kcal/can
  • Protein Quantity: 12.0% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.0% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 8.0% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 78.0% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Pate 
  • Lifestage: Adult

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

With this recipe, Wellness Core offers healthy weight gain for your cat who is losing weight as a result of stomach sensitivities. One of my friends donated it for a cat at my kennel who had chronic intolerance and experienced much success with it.  

It is a grain-free recipe which means that it is a sensitive stomach cat food for cats who are allergic to some grains.

Duck and turkey serve as the main sources of protein. The protein is good quality and supports the development of muscle.

It also contains cranberries which are rich in antioxidants and keep the stomach healthy, while also ensuring good immunity. It also fulfills the complete requirement of kitty nutrition through the added mineral and vitamins.

It can be used on its own, or as a meal topper with dry food but beware. Dry food is harder to digest for cats with stomach sensitivities. Wet food keeps the cat’s tummy hydrated. Moisture in food also helps with easier, smoother digestion.  

  • Good For Weight Gain After Stomach Issues
  • High In Protein 
  • Rich In Antioxidants For Good Immunity
  • Cats Who Are Not a Fan of Pate Might Not Like It Instantly

5. Hill’s Prescription Diet, i/d Digestive Care

Best For Diarrhea
  • First 5 Ingredients: Water, Pork Liver, Chicken, Rice, Potato Protein
  • Type of Product: Pea-Free, Veterinary Diet, Sensitive Digestion, With Grain
  • Caloric Content: 161 kcal/5.5 oz can
  • Protein Quantity: 7.5% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.0% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 4.0% min (Crude Fat)
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Pate 
  • Lifestage: Adult

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Hill’s prescription diet is a good formula, recommended by many other vets as well, for cats who have sensitive stomach. Diarhhea can often occur in the case of sensitive tummies and this food is just the solution to that problem. It cures cats of the loose stool while also comforting the sensitivity. 

It has been made by an expert team of veterinarians and scientists for good digestive health in cats. It contains easy-to-digest proteins for sensitive cats whereas the fats help to distribute nutrients better and repair tissues due to diarrhea, faster. 

A mixed fiber source which is a part of this diet keeps gastrointestinal health, in good condition. 

The nutrients come in balanced quantity to rejuvenate cats from the loss of nutrients due to diarrhea and control cell oxidation with the added antioxidants. 

  • Good For Diarrhea As a Result of Sensitive Stomach
  • Maintains Gastrointestinal Health
  • Highly Digestible
  • Pate Form, Although Being Very Good For Digestion, Might Not Work For Cats Who Prefer Chunky Bits


6. Blue Buffalo Basics Skin & Stomach Care

Best Natural
  • First 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Turkey Broth, Turkey Liver, Potatoes, Natural Flavor.
  • Type of Product: Sensitive Digestion, Indoor, Limited Ingredient Diet, Grain-Free, No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Natural
  • Caloric Content: 1,190 kcal/kg, 101 kcal/3 oz can
  • Protein Quantity: 8.0% min (Crude Protein) 
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.5% max (Crude Fiber)
  •  Fat Quantity: 6.0% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 78.0% max
  • Food form: Wet Food 
  • Lifestage: Kitten and Adult

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Support your kitty’s sensitive stomach with Blue Buffalo Basics, Skin & Stomach Care. This is grain-free, natural, pate, wet cat food. Natural cat food is produced with easily digestible, high-quality ingredients that do not even interfere with the cat’s digestive system. 

It is made with real turkey as the only animal protein source to support your adult cat’s energy requirements. Limited source ensures easy absorption of protein. 

Specially formulated to support the health of your indoor cat and promote gentle digestion, it features the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins and minerals, which is good for a cat with a sensitive stomach as it provides balanced nutrition.

I love pate form wet food for cats as they are very easy to chew and digest. Hopefully, your cat will adore its silky texture too. There is no wheat in Blue Buffalo Basics, a typical thickener, which reduces the quality of the food.

This dish is also free of corn, soy, dairy, eggs, chicken, or poultry by-product meals, flavors, or preservatives to ensure maximum authenticity.

  • Grain-Free And Natural
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Best For Cats Allergic To Chicken 
  • Some Cats Might Not Like The Taste

7. Purina Pro Plan, Prime Plus

Best for Senior Cats
  • First 5 Ingredients: Turkey, Water, Liver, Meat By-Products, Poultry Giblets
  • Type of Product: Grain-Free, High-Protein, Weight Control
  • Caloric Content: 1,273 kcal/kg, 108 kcal/can
  • Protein Quantity: 10.0% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.5% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 7.0% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 78.0% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Pate 
  • Lifestage: Seniors

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Purina Pro plan brings us this specialized senior cat food pate, free of grains, that is ideal for your senior cats. The immunity of cats starts to become weaker as they grow older, which can also become a reason for sensitivity. The natural prebiotic fiber found in this cat food is derived from chicory root, supports your cat’s immune system while antioxidants assist its sensitive stomach. 

It is a delicious grain-free, soft pate cat food containing real turkey and giblets. It is packed with protein to maintain your cat’s ideal body condition as it becomes a senior. The protein maintains a good weight as cats tend to lose their activity with age, so a good body weight means a healthier body. It also supports lean muscle to keep the cat active and energetic 

With no artificial colors or preservatives, it avoids additives as your cat may also have developed stomach sensitivity due to their presence in a previous diet. 

Additionally, this food contains taurine, an amino acid that promotes your cat’s overall health and helps in the maintenance of a sensitive stomach, along with other essential vitamins and minerals.

  • Good For Stomachs With Digestive Sensitivities
  • Natural Additional Fiber
  • High Quality, Real Turkey As Protein
  • Does Contain Some Meat By-Products

8. Royal Canin, Recovery

Best For Recovery
  • First 5 Ingredients: Water Sufficient For Processing, Chicken, Liver, Gelatin, Powdered Cellulose
  • Type of Product: Pea-Free, Veterinary Diet
  • Caloric Content: 1,025kcal/kg, 149 kcal/can
  • Protein Quantity: 9.4% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 2.0% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 5.2% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 78.9% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Ultra Soft Mousse
  • Lifestage: Adults

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

For cats and kittens who require urgent care and have sensitive stomachs, Royal Canin Recovery is the appropriate recovery food. It aids in the recovery of numerous cats in my kennel who have experienced acute issues like vomiting, diarrhea, allergies, etc because of sensitive stomachs. 

It provides cats with exceptional palatability to boost the appetite of digestive-problems-prone cats. Even picky eaters or cats who have lost their appetite due to sensitive stomach disorders will find it highly digestible and appealing.

This dish includes high protein content to support keeping muscle mass during hospital stays and recovery. The food incorporates dietary fat to increase its flavor and reduce the amount your cat needs to consume for a full, balanced diet.

This is a comprehensive and balanced diet to provide your cat with the nutrition it requires in times of need. 

  • Best Recovery Food For Cats
  • High Protein Content To Increase Muscle Mass
  • Dietary Fats Give More Nutrition In Smaller Meals
  • High Protein Sources May Create a Strong Smell

9. Royal Canin, Gastrointestinal

Best Gastrointestinal
  • First 5 Ingredients: Water Sufficient For Processing, Chicken Liver, Pork By-Products, Chicken By-Products, Pork Liver
  • Type of Product: Pea-Free, Veterinary Diet, Sensitive Digestion
  • Caloric Content: 710 kcal/kg, 60 kcal/can
  • Protein Quantity: 6.5% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.7% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 1.6% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 83.7% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Chunks in Gravy
  • Lifestage: Adults

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Royal Canin, Gastrointestinal is a good option for cats who face gastrointestinal problems due to having a sensitive stomach. It is a chunks in gravy solution for easy chewing and digestion. A moderate calorie option for healthy weight maintenance, especially in cats who have a tendency to gain weight. 

This canned cat food is a tasty, digestible wet cat meal for cats that have long- or short-term digestive sensitivity. Veterinarians exclusively recommend this moist cat food to cats with sensitive stomachs.

With highly digested proteins and prebiotics, this diet encourages good gastrointestinal health and ideal stool quality. 

This food is enriched for GI health with a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers. 

Prebiotics support the balancing of beneficial bacteria in the stomach. A combination of dietary fibers promotes sound digestion for the best stool quality in cats.

  • Provides Gastrointestinal Health
  • Includes A Beneficial Blend of Fibers
  • Highly Digestible
  • Requires Veterinary Prescription

10. Wellness CORE, Signature Selects

Best Grain Free
  • First 5 Ingredients: Tuna, Tuna Broth, Water Sufficient for Processing, Mackerel, Shrimp
  • Type of Product: No Corn No Wheat No Soy, Grain-Free, Pea-Free, High-Protein, Premium
  • Caloric Content: 867 kcal/kg, 130 kcal/can
  • Protein Quantity: 10.0% min (Crude Protein)
  • Fiber Quantity: 1.0% max (Crude Fiber)
  • Fat Quantity: 3.0% min (Crude Fat)
  • Moisture Content: 85.0% max
  • Food form: Wet Food in the form of Flakes
  • Lifestage: Adult

Why Is It A Good Cat Food For Sensitive Stomachs?

Wellness CORE presents this grain-free alternative for cat owners who want an animal protein-based meal for their cats.

Tuna is the main source of protein for this cat food along with some other seafood. It is a good option for cats who prefer seafood flavors. 

A sensitive stomach can occur if a cat develops intolerances to some ingredients in a certain food product. In such a case, it is good to switch the food for a grain-free option so that the particular ingredient which is messing up the tummy can be identified.

This gourmet cat food is handmade and packed full of flavor. It contains lots of vital fatty acids from sunflower oil and delicate flakes of actual tuna for a good, shiny coat as well as weight maintenance. 

The carefully chosen ingredients work together to provide the nutrition and energy needed for a happy life full of growth, play, and a healthy stomach. It does not contain by-products, wheat, maize, or soy that can act as fillers and deteriorate the quality.

This food offers a balanced protein mixture and increases hydration in diet to help the urinary system of your cat with a sensitive stomach.

  • High Quality, Real Ingredients
  • Good For Cats With Allergies
  • Whole Shrimp Chunks
  • Seafood May Create a Strong Smell

Guide To Buying The Best Wet Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

Our cats bring us unbridled happiness, but some of the substances in their food might be doing the opposite for them. Hence, It is vital to understand the ingredients required in foods that can be of relief for a cat’s sensitive stomach. 

Macros: Preferred Ingredients In Best Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

There are some ingredients that you should look out for when searching for an appropriate diet for your sensitive cat.

Easily Digestible Natural Ingredients 

Cats should have a diet high in meat-based protein. Look for protein foods that are simple to digest, such as low-fat fish, chicken, and turkey. Ingredient quality is important, too. 

Finding food without a lot of unnecessary fillers, additives, preservatives, and by-products will help minimize symptoms if you have a cat with a sensitive stomach. Because your cat’s stomach needs to work harder. Any “raw food” cat diet will be the least digestible.

High-Quality Animal Proteins 

For cat food prepared for sensitive stomachs, a single source of animal protein is suggested since it makes it easier to distinguish between proteins that are good for a specific cat and those that are not. 

A sensitive stomach may result from your cat’s diet being heavy on fatty foods such as beef, pork, lamb or dairy. Opting for leaner meats like fish and chicken can also be a solution. 

If you think fat is a concern for your cat, choose lean meats like fish and chicken.

Healthy Fats And Easily Digestible Carbs 

Some fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids, are essential for a cat’s health with a sensitive stomach. Avoid high-fat meals like beef, pig, milk, lamb and cheese since they might worsen stomach issues. 

Carbs in high quantities are not good for cats. Your cat would be more active and healthier with lower blood sugar levels, less stomach problems, and other illnesses if you fed it low-carb cat food. 

Supplements: Prebiotics and probiotics 

Prebiotics and probiotics are healthy fibers which aid digestion. A smart strategy to improve your cat’s digestion is to increase such fiber levels of its food, especially if he has diarrhea because of a sensitive stomach. His stools will be more substantial if he consumes more pre/probiotics, helping to firm them for more regular digestion. 

Prebiotics and probiotics are already present in many high-quality cat diets, but cats with sensitive stomachs can also take extra supplements, if required. These should be administered through veterinary observation. 

Bland Diet: Complete Nutrition And Balanced

Pets who simply have sensitive stomach problems and suffering from diarrhea frequently improve on a bland diet that may contain bananas or pumpkin puree. 

Bland diets help in calming the internal uprising occurring in the stomach and intestines of your cat. Low-fiber, bland meals make stools take longer to form, reducing the frequency of bathroom visits and improving diarrhea. 

These diets are low in fat, easier on the stomach and less likely to cause vomiting. Additionally, they offer the GI tract much-needed rest because they are very digestible and lessen intestinal contraction.

No Artificial Additives, Preservatives or By-products

In general, cat food manufactured with premium ingredients will be easier for cats with sensitive stomachs to digest than cat food made with fillers and synthetic additives. Even if your cat isn’t allergic to one of these ingredients, his stomach may still be irritated by it, resulting in diarrhea or other symptoms.

Look for cat food products without the addition of artificial additives and preservatives. 

Foods to Avoid For Sensitive Stomach In Cats

You might be tempted to occasionally feed your cat table scraps and other treats, but you should be aware that some foods might be dangerous. 

Here are some of the foods that your cat with sensitive stomach should avoid.

  • Grains
  • Hard to digest carbs
  • Gluten, Dairy, and Potential Allergens
  • Artificial Additives, Preservatives, Dyes And Chemicals

You can also read about human foods toxic for your cats.

Symptoms of Sensitive Stomach In Cats 

There are many signs which will help you identify if your cat is facing a sensitive stomach.


Vomiting can be a sign of a sensitive stomach. It can occur due to several reasons, such as eating plants, spoiled food, certain insects, table scraps, etc. Cats who have sensitive stomachs have lesser tolerance for foods that are not meant for cats and react with the stomach instantly.

The diet of these cats should be monitored closely. Trashcans, plants, and table leftovers should be kept inaccessible. 

If your cat vomits once in a while, then there is no need to worry. It might be something it had eaten and is out of the system. But if your cat continues to vomit often, then there may be time to change the cat’s diet as it may be sensitive to some ingredients in the diet.

Diarrhea, Constipation or Irregular Stools

A cat with a sensitive stomach may experience irregularity in their stools more than others. Cats get diarrhea or constipation when something does not agree with their stomach. 

Diarrhea can be a sign of some food ingredient that your cat is intolerant towards. Whereas constipation may mean dehydration, blockages, or other sensitivities. 

If this situation persists, it may be a good idea to change the cat’s food and look for something that suits your cat’s sensitivities. 

Hill’s Prescription Diet, i/d Digestive Care has worked well for cats experiencing such symptoms in the past and has provided them with better health. 

Excessive Hairballs

Excessive hairballs are a sign of stomach sensitivities. Hairballs are basically ingested hair by the cat when it licks or grooms its fur. This hair should normally pass in the feces of cats in normal circumstances. 

However, for a cat with stomach sensitivities, the hair is more likely to clump in the stomach and form hairballs. These hairballs can cause discomfort and come out in the form of regurgitation. It usually happens due to dehydration in the stomach.  

The underlying stomach sensitivity should be addressed when cat experiences excessive hairballs. 

When stomach issues are causing hairball problems, then Hill’s Science Diet, Urinary Hairball Control serves as a good cat food alternative. 

Unhealthy Coat: Itching & Skin Problems

Sometimes an unaddressed sensitive stomach can lead cats to experience skin and coat problems such as itching or shedding

Food allergies are a common problem among cats and those who have sensitive stomachs face more intolerances than others. These allergies due to sensitive stomach can cause issues in the skin alongwith redness, shedding and itching.

Purina Pro Plan, Focus, Sensitive Skin & Stomach has helped cats develop shiny, strong, and thick fur coats and is a good chance, will cure your cat of skin and coat-related problems due to stomach issues as well. 

Rapid Weight Loss

A cat undergoing other health symptoms due to a sensitive stomach such as, vomiting, diarrhea, etc is very prone to experiencing a loss of appetite. This will be apparent to you as well when you start seeing too many leftovers at mealtimes. 

Loss of appetite leads to rapid weight loss, which can also lead to laziness, lethargy, and depression in cats. Rapid weight loss in cats is not good, and can affect immunity and expose the cat to many diseases. 

You can try to feed your cat a different cat food such as Wellness CORE, Grain-Free and if that doesn’t help, a visit to the vet will also be a good idea. 

Reasons For Sensitive Stomach In Cats 

Cat allergies and sensitivities are more common these days. There are many reasons which can cause sensitivity in a cat’s stomach such as the ones explained below.

Food Allergies: Low-quality Food

When the immune system overreacts to a certain food after consumption, food allergies or intolerances result. Antibodies react to the meal, which frequently results in “leaky gut syndrome” and causes digestive problems and sensitivities. The third most frequent allergy in cats is related to food.

To rule out ingredients that may be causing food allergies and intolerances, a limited ingredient diet such as Blue Buffalo Basics, Skin & Stomach Care can be opted. 

Sudden Change in Diet 

Cat food is something that cats get used to eating, potentially even a particular brand. A sudden dietary change can make your cat’s stomach sensitive. It’s possible that your cat eats whenever he wants.

Change him to scheduled feedings before introducing the new food (and running the danger of a cat food strike). It’s possible that your cat will become ill if you switch his food abruptly without giving him a transition period. i.e., becoming ill with diarrhea and vomiting, which are caused due to a sensitive stomach.

Unbalanced Nutrition: Too Much Or Too Low

Do you know why your cat’s health depends on eating a high-quality, balanced diet? Insufficiently balanced nutrition can make cats’ stomachs upset. It’s common for cats with sensitive stomachs to experience diarrhea. It has been proven that a diet high in fiber is advantageous. 

Ideally, soluble and insoluble fiber should both be present. A bland, low-fat, easily digestible meal will also assist a cat, with a sensitive stomach, get the nutrients it needs. Make sure your cat eats a well-balanced diet to prevent more problems.

A naturally fiber-rich food option includes Purina Pro Plan, Prime Plus

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD)

The most typical cause of a sensitive stomach in cats is inflammatory bowel disease. Chronic stomach diseases are the hallmark of the multiple conditions known as “inflammatory bowel disease” (IBD), which can have a serious influence on a cat’s quality of life. These issues are usually thought of as being food responsive so changing the food might do good for your cat.

A cat food that has reportedly helped cats suffering from IBD is Wellness CORE, Grain-Free.

FAQs: Best Wet Cat Food For Sensitive Stomach

How Can I Tell If My Cat Has A Sensitive Stomach?

It’s crucial to keep a careful eye on your cat. Your cat may have a sensitive stomach if they experience gas often. Other symptoms include loose stools or diarrhea, and vomiting.

What Are Acute or Chronic Food Allergies?

Acute food allergies are such allergies that are suddenly developed and last for shorter times.Whereas, chronic allergies are those which develop slowly but become worse in a longer period.

A food allergy, differs from food intolerance in that it can affect both the skin and the gut. It is an abnormal immune reaction to a normally safe ingredient.

For a cat going through sensitivities due to food allergies, a limited ingredient diet such as Blue Buffalo Basics, Skin & Stomach Care can be used. 

What Food Is Easiest For Cats To Digest?

Some cats with sensitive stomachs might require a feeding change. The combination of pre/probiotic fibers, minerals, and good fats in cat meals makes them nutrient-dense while yet being easy on your cat’s digestive system. Some meats, such as chicken and fish are also easier to digest as compared to other fatty meats.

Pate form of wet food is smooth and easy to digest such as Hill’s Prescription Diet, i/d Digestive Care

Is Wet Food Better For a Cat With a Sensitive Stomach?

Although it is preferable to buy wet cat food made from fresh ingredients, pre-packaged, canned alternatives are also available in the market, which are equally as good.

This diet’s high moisture content makes it especially ideal for your cat’s delicate tummy. Cats are known for consuming insufficient amounts of water. Wet food will aid in digestion and nutrient absorption, which will settle your cat’s stomach.

One option of a good quality wet food for sensitive stomached cats is Wellness CORE, Signature Selects

How Can I Help My Cat With A Sensitive Stomach?

Maintain your focus on maintaining cats’ good digestive health once you and the vet rule out any significant problems. Regular deworming treatments, wellness checkups, and daily brushing can all help your cat. Daily brushing can also reduce the amount of hair that ends up in your cat’s stomach. Feed your cat a nutritious diet for a healthy stomach.

Why Is My Cat Puking White Foam?

If they eat too rapidly, cough up a hairball while grooming themselves, or exercise on an empty stomach, cats may vomit white foam. Vomiting can occur for a variety of causes and isn’t always a sign of sickness. However, if this happens too often then it may be a reason for concern and it won’t hurt to visit the vet just to be sure.
Try Hill’s Science Diet, Urinary Hairball Control for vomiting and hairballs. 

Our Verdict

Cats can develop sensitive stomachs due to many reasons. These can be also be seen through various signs and symptoms, different for each cat. So, why should there be just one cat food for all these problems? I have not seen that to be true for all my patients. That is why this list of cat foods serves different purposes, out of which one is best suited for your cat.  

However, Our top recommendation for best wet cat food for sensitive stomach is Royal Canin, Selected Protein.

Royal Canin - Selected Protein
  • Value For Money Cat Food
  • Limited Ingredient Diet 
  • Easily Digestible
  • Selected Protein

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