Mary Ajam

Veterinarian, DVM
Veterinary Medicine
Cat Nutrition Research
Feed Formulation
Near East University Animal Hospital


  • Expert in Veterinary Medicine, specializing in Cat Nutrition Research and Feed Formulation.
  • Regular contributor to Local Veterinary Magazines & Blogs Online, with a unique blend of clinical experiences and evidence-based research in her writing.
  • Actively engaged in community education, offering awareness talks at pet shelters for new adopters.


Mary Ajam brings her rich experience from her day-to-day work at a vet clinic directly into her writing. Her insights are not just rooted in her vast clinical experiences but are further enriched by in-depth research she undertakes for every topic she writes about.

Her passion for animals doesn't stop at her professional life. Mary is an avid horse rider and enjoys playing the piano in her leisure time. This multi-faceted personality has always believed in community upliftment and regularly volunteers at various pet shelters, giving talks to educate new pet owners. With an exciting phase ahead, Mary is preparing to move to the US to continue her extensive research in veterinary medicine.

Expertise & Education

Mary received her degree in Veterinary Medicine from the Near East University Animal Hospital. Her dedication to the well-being of animals is evident not just in her formal education but also in her everyday practice, volunteering endeavors, and continuous self-education through reading and research.

She has been using and experimenting with various cat food, litter and other products and brands and knows the important factors to look for in cat-related products that truly add value. She is most concerned about the threats that endanger a cat’s health and welfare and aims to boost owners’ knowledge regarding these issues.

Her Golden Quote: "I like to provide cat owners with what they need, to improve their lifestyle and their cats’. Cats, known as sassy and funky creatures, can sometimes be a little difficult to maintain. So a few tips and tricks, as well as some health-related recommendations, will go all the way to make your life as a cat parent much easier."

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