Sachal Jafri

Cat Shelter Owner & Content Creator
Cat Shelter Owner
Cat Nutrition Research
Pet Accessories
University of The Punjab


  • Cat Shelter Owner dedicated to the care and well-being of stray cats, supported by a passionate team including volunteer veterinarians.
  • Deep expertise in cat nutrition research, accessory reviews, and general cat health.
  • Provides weekly guidance sessions for new cat parents at his shelter, ensuring they are well-equipped for the responsibilities of cat ownership.


Sachal Jafri combines his love and knowledge of cats into actionable, well-researched content that caters to cat owners, potential adopters, and those facing challenges with their feline companions. As a cat shelter owner, Sachal has hands-on experience with numerous cat food and accessory products, allowing him to provide accurate and helpful reviews for his readers.

Beyond product insights, he delves into research, ensuring each piece he writes is backed by comprehensive data. His ability to simplify complex information into digestible pieces sets his writing apart. When he's not immersed in his work, Sachal can be found playing the keyboard, singing, or indulging in some culinary adventures.

Expertise & Education

Sachal attended the University of The Punjab, where he pursued a focus in research and online marketing. This played a helping hand when he started writing for several pet blogs online. His hands-on experience running a cat shelter has provided him with a wealth of practical knowledge and insight, further bolstered by regular consultations with volunteer veterinarians and training sessions with new cat parents.

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