Why Are Cats Good Pets? 20 Reasons & A Vet’s Verdict!

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Cats are stereotyped to be these selfish, uninterested pets. But even though their reputation suggests otherwise, cats make great pets. They are sophisticated, affectionate and entertaining. In addition, cats make great indoor companions and need minimal maintenance. 

Being a cat mother and a veterinarian, I know the downsides of owning a cat. Which are, by the way, negligible compared to the perks! 

I gave myself a goal to provide you with an unbiased opinion based on my personal and clinical experiences while also addressing the CAT vs DOG situation.

The next time you have doubts about cat adoption, go through 20 solid reasons why cats make great pets, I compiled for you:

#1 – Great Human-Pet Bond

Cats provide comfortable, quiet and affectionate companionship. They are loyal towards their owners and fish for their care and affection. 

One of the most important signs of a cat-human bond is slow blinking, also known as the lover’s kiss. When your cat stares into your eyes and slowly blinks, you have their complete trust.

This slow blinking signifies that your cat is not afraid to let its guard down around you and trusts you enough to close its eyes. 

#2 – Easy-care 

A Cat’s lifestyle is poor maintenance and undemanding. All you need to provide is food, affection and a healthy home environment.

They do not need to be groomed frequently and will most likely find entertainment for themselves. 

#3 – Great Hygiene

Cats are instinctively clean animals. They groom themselves regularly. Thus are very involved in keeping their living area tidy and clean.

Cats are easily litter box trained and always bury their faeces to avoid foul odour.

#4 – Phenomenal Indoor Pets

Apart from their exceptional hygiene, cats do not take up much space. Therefore, an indoor apartment lifestyle is perfect for them.

Moreover, the home environment is more than enough for entertainment if they want to play. 

#5 – Silent Pets

Cat vocalization is very minimal compared to dogs’. Most cat breeds have minimal vocalization and will only meow if they need something.

Other ways of communication, like purring, are mostly silent and are unlikely to be annoying. 

#6 – Independent Creatures

Cats thrive upon human interaction. But on the other hand, they are not entirely dependent on us.

They enjoy their own company and will find several ways of entertainment. In addition, they provide their grooming and do not need to be bathed often.

For these reasons, they are okay with being left alone in the house for some time. 

#7 – Unique Personalities

Every individual cat has its distinctive character. For example, they often have an incredible sense of humour and will do the most unpredictable things around the house. 

They are spontaneous, outgoing and very witty. They know how to grab their human’s attention to get what they want. For example, they would chase shadows or lights just for the sake of entertainment. 

They brighten up any house’s environment and provide their owners with the best companionship.

#8 – Stress Relief 

Research proved that cuddling or petting your cat will noticeably reduce stress. This is because petting your cat decreases blood cortisol levels, the primary stress hormone. 

Additionally, boosting serotonin levels in the blood resulting in a relaxed mind and body.

#9 – Good For Your Health

A study on university students showed the effect of physical contact with cats. It proved a significant decrease in salivary cortisol after a 10-minute contact.

Your cat can lower your blood pressure by reducing cortisol levels. Frequently, this mechanism lowers the risk of the conduction of heart disease. They do this while improving your mental health as well.

#10 – Purring Therapy

Purrs produce vibrations with a 20-140 Hz frequency. These vibrations relieve stress, decrease blood pressure, and aid laboured breathing. 

It was also known for its ability to boost bone regeneration and healing. As much as it is an additional benefit, Purring should not be relied on for treatment purposes.

See, why do cats purr?

#11 – Exceptional Hunters

Cats are naturally born predators that can display extraordinary hunting abilities. They are the best pest control you can provide for your house. They are great at hunting cockroaches, scorpions, spiders and rats.

#12 – Playful 

Because of their hunting instincts, cats will always have the urge to chase something, whether it’s a light, a shadow or a particular toy. And even though cats are stereotyped as lazy, they enjoy crazy fun times. 

#13 – Good Connections with Kids

Cats can build social bonds with children just like they can do with their cat owners. In addition, cats are usually harmless around kids. They provide a great source of affection for them!

Cats also provide a sense of responsibility for older children. Their presence teaches the child how to be cautious and delicate. It also educates them on how to take care of a fragile creature.

#14 – Strong Senses

Cats have phenomenal senses! Their vision, especially their night vision, is exceptional. They can see 6-8 times better than humans in the dark. They also have a wider field of vision, allowing them to detect motion when hunting. 

#15 – Affordable care

Taking care of a pet cat requires minimal economic spending. Apart from your cat’s food, litter box, and vet expenses, you don’t need to spend money on anything else as a necessity.

Generally, A cat’s food expenses are lower than a dog’s. And as for the regular veterinary costs, it won’t cost you more than 55$ per month. Cats are low maintenance as well.

#16 – Sleeping Beauties 

Cats’ favourite activity is cuddling and sleeping. They love a calm, relaxing environment where they can get adequate sleep. If you love cuddling, cats are great for you! You can cuddle and sleep with your cat for as long as you wish. 

#17 – Intelligence 

Cats are brilliant and witty. They can understand their owners’ reactions and emotions and act upon that. For example, they can tell when you are having a mood swing or a stressful day and will try their best to comfort you. 

On the other hand, these witty creatures also know how to gain their owner’s empathy. Once they grab your attention, they know how to make you do whatever they want. 

#18 – Little/ No Mess

Unlike dogs, cats will not go all over the house, grabbing shoes or destroying pillows. Instead, cats enjoy a calmer, more quiet way of entertainment and are lo maintenance as well.

#19 – Interesting conversations

You might notice that your cat is conversing with you at some points. You can see that they reply or even try to chat with you for a while when you call their name. Purring and meowing are the methods they use to communicate with us or grab our attention. 

#20 – Soft Kisses

Cats provide the softest, most affectionate kisses. They tend to lick their owners to show care, just like they do for their babies. Licking is their most significant way to tell you they love you and value your bond. 

Cats VS DogsAre Cats Good Pets?

Both cats and dogs are great pet animals and companions. Both have been proven to be loyal to their owners. But if you wonder which of these is a better indoor pet animal, My verdict is cats. 

Cats are generally cleaner and tidier than dogs. They do not tend to destroy clothes or shoes and will not create a mess all over the house. 

Cats do not need to be walked twice daily for defecation; a litter box is more than enough. They also do not need to be showered frequently like dogs. 

They keep themselves relatively clean for a long time and require less maintenance. If you have a little free time on your hands, owning a cat is the best option for you. 

How to Take Care of Your Cat?

Cat maintenance is simple and undemanding. First, provide a safe, comfortable home environment with a food supply. Additionally, provide regular medical care to ensure your cat’s well-being. 

Look into your cat’s feeding requirements to ensure appropriate nourishment. Find the proper nutritional habits and the human foods you can feed your cat! 

Are Cats Good Pets? – Quick Recap

To sum it up, cats are sassy, sophisticated and passionate creatures. As a result, they can create life-lasting bonds with their human owners. They love to cuddle, play and spend time with their family. 

Moreover, taking care of a cat is an easy aim. So if you’re a busy person with a lot on your plate, adopting a cat as a pet is the best option.

All you need to do is to give these furry little friends some love and care. The rest will come along the way!